Title: Australian Amateur Sleuth: Box Set: Books 1-3

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G'day mates. If you know the difference between a knife and a knife, then have I got a USA Today Bestseller box set for you!

After a heartbreaking divorce, Sybil Potts decides to flee the city and move to the peace and quiet of the Aussie outback . . . or so she thinks.

The land is barren and filled with kangaroos, so it's a big jump to murder. Sybil might be underkoalafied to solve the murder which happens on the day of her arrival, but that's no worries. Police officer Blake Wessley is on the case. He's quite the looker too, not that Sybil has noticed . . .

She's more distracted by the eccentric British bloke boarding with Sybil's landlady, Cressida. Not to mention Cressida's cat, Lord Farringdon. And then there's Cressida herself.

So who is the murderer? And the next murderer? And the one after that? One thing is certain - they will all roo the day they met Sibyl Potts.


1.  Live and Let Diet

2. Natural Born Grillers

3. Dye Hard