Title: Australian Witch Box Set: Prequels to Miss Spelled

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2 novella prequels to Miss Spelled (the Kitchen Witch series).

Set in 1936-7, these 2 witch cozy mystery novellas feature Amelia Spelled's aunt.
1: Witch Christmas (20,000 words) (Formerly appeared in an anthology as A Chemistree of Witches)
It's Christmas Day, 1936. Newlyweds, Thelma and Wolff Spelled, are enjoying their gifts to one another, two cute kittens, when a neighbour comes to seek their help. Mavis’s husband has been missing for a year, and police have just now found his body.
When Thelma attempts to solve the case with magic, all she brews up is trouble.
With rival witch, Jasmine Walters, making eyes at Wolff, can Thelma keep Jasmine at bay, solve the murder, and be home in time for Christmas dinner?

2: A Witch in Time (10,000 words)
Thelma Spelled finds a body in her garden. The detective who attends the scene asks her to make a statement at the police station. When she arrives, the desk sergeant informs her the crime happened many years earlier. Thelma soon finds herself in the midst of Indigenous Australian magic.
Can Thelma solve the crime while holding onto her sanity, and her husband?
Can she thwart the evil intentions of rival witch Jasmine, or will she remain a witch in time?