Title: Broom Mates
Series: Sea Witch Cozy Mysteries Series #1

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Broom Mates was formerly released in the anthology, Seven Pets for Seven Witches (which was available early 2018).

Broom Mates is a 10,000 word short story. The rest of the books in this series are full length books.

Goldie Bloom has four problems: her boss, her boyfriend, the fact they are the same person, and the fact that person is cheating on her.

After discovering she has inherited an old home on the Gold Coast waterfront, this murder solving Aussie sea witch packs up her collection of 5 inch stilettos and moves.  She's not expecting to move in with a room mate named Persnickle, just as she was not expecting to trip over a dead body on her first day.

Is Goldie the intended victim, and can she really be arrested for drinking coffee?