Title: Sweet Revenge
Series: Coco Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries series #1
ISBN (Paperback): 9781925674002

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A funny cozy mystery

Narel Myers was given the ironic name Cocoa Narel by the cruel popular kids in high school, as she was far from elegant and was obsessed with chocolate. The truth of the matter was that her love of eating chocolate had caused her to become excessively overweight. Some years later, a car wreck leads to her undergoing extensive plastic surgery on her face and body.

Now that she is medically unable to gain weight, she decides to indulge her love for chocolate by opening a designer chocolate shop.

When people who bullied her at high school are murdered one by one, she becomes the prime suspect.

Will she be able to prove her innocence when the police think she’s out for revenge?

Will Carl, her best friend, stop flirting with the police long enough to help her find the real killer?