Title: The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer: Box Set: Books 1-3

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The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer: Box Set: Books 1-3

Book 1: Christmas Spirit

Prudence Wallflower tours the country, making live appearances. She connects people with loved ones who have passed on. However, her reputation as a psychic medium is failing, and even Prudence has begun to doubt herself. She has never seen a ghost, but receives impressions from the dead. This all changes when the ghost of a detective appears to her and demands her help to solve a murder. Prudence finds herself out of her depth, and to make matters worse, she is more attracted to this ghost than any man she has ever met.

Book 2: Ghost Hunter

Is Alum Mullein a ghost or not? When Prudence Wallflower discovers Alum's secret, she has a short time to save him from complete destruction. The key lies with the murderer of another police officer. Can Prudence sift through the suspects and save Alum once and for all? Or will she fall victim to the same fate as he?

Book 3: There Must Be a Happy Medium

When Prudence's elderly neighbor is murdered, she has more than one reason for wanting to solve the case.

Now that Prudence can no longer make a living doing shows as a clairvoyant medium, what will become of her?

And what lies in store for Prudence and Alum?