What is a Paranormal Cozy Mystery?

Paranormal cozy mysteries, as you would expect, are cozy mysteries with paranormal elements.

They must adhere to all the essential elements of a cozy: an amateur sleuth, a small community, and no violence, intimate scenes, or swearing. 

Some paranormal cozy mysteries are set in the real world with magical elements, and some are set in a fantasy world. For example, the witches in my paranormal cozy mysteries are everyday people who are human witches with extra powers, whereas some other authors have their witches flying on brooms in fantasy worlds.

Typically, a paranormal cozy mystery features witches, vampires, ghosts, or even shifters. Mostly the shifters are werewolves, but the Australian Yowie appears in one of my paranormal cozy mystery books in my Vampires and Wine series. An even more unusual shifter appears in my Saddles and Secrets series.

The paranormal cozy mystery genre often combines elements of fantasy and mystery, creating an intriguing blend that appeals to readers who enjoy both genres.

Some have talking animals, such as my MenoPaws Mysteries series.

The degree of paranormal is entirely up to the author. For example, in one of my series, The Australian Amateur Sleuth, I have slight paranormal elements such as an eccentric English gentleman who reads tarot cards and a character who rarely has visions. The rest of my books are paranormal through and through. Authors in this genre often explore various supernatural themes, including psychic abilities, haunted locations, and magical artifacts, adding layers of intrigue and suspense to the cozy mystery framework.

This genre has grown in popularity over recent years, with readers drawn to the unique combination of the comforting familiarity of cozy mysteries and the exciting, otherworldly elements of the paranormal. 

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