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Sea Witch Cozy Mysteries Books 1-4 (EBOOK BUNDLE)

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EBOOK BUNDLE. This USA Today Bestseller of 4 paranormal cozy mysteries contains Broom Mates (Novella) and 3 full length novels: Broom With a ViewBroom for One More, and Broomed for Success.

Join Goldie Bloom, a thirty something, high flying real estate agent sent out into the wilds of quiet seaside Australia by the boss who broke her heart. She's not expecting to move in with a room mate named Persnickle, to discover she is descended from an ancient coven of sea witches, or to find herself in the middle of a town with no coffee, but that’s precisely what happens. 

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I stood at my office window, looking through the sudden storm at the Yarra River far below. It wasn’t a pretty sight—fondly known as the River that Flows Upside Down due to its thick brown colour—but it was no less an icon than the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne was arguably the cultural capital of Australia, albeit one where people didn’t ask your name upon introduction, but rather which football team you followed.
Thomas’s voice droned on behind me. “I don’t know why you’re so suspicious, Goldie. I only promoted Alexis over you because she has people skills, whereas you don’t.”
I had seen her people skills firsthand, kissing Thomas in his office only minutes earlier. “I’m the best salesperson in this office,” I snapped. “I have people skills.”
Thomas held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. “Not for Melbourne, you don’t. That’s why I’ve decided to send you to the Gold Coast, to manage the new office in Southport. I hope this won’t intrude upon our personal life. Our relationship can easily change to long distance.” He trailed his finger across my cheek. “I’ll fly to Queensland every weekend to be with you.”
I slapped his hand away and considered throwing the paperweight on my desk at his head. Until moments ago, I had been happy with my life: a successful career, a one-bedroom apartment in Chapel Street, right in the centre of trendy inner-city suburb Prahran, and dating the owner of a successful real estate firm. “I quit.”
Thomas reached for my shoulder, but hesitated. “You don’t mean that. I understand why you’re upset, but nothing’s changed.”
“Everything’s changed.” I shook my finger in his face. “I’m giving notice, as of today. As of right now, in fact.” I pulled out one of my desk drawers and tipped the contents onto my desk for emphasis.
“You legally have to give five weeks’ notice,” he said, but I held up one hand.
“The fact I just saw you kissing Alexis in your office relieves me of that legal duty, I believe. I’m sure the Real Estate Institute would love to hear about you promoting her over me.”
Thomas turned white. “That was nothing, nothing,” he stammered. “She tried to kiss me, but I pushed her away.”
That wasn’t at all what I had seen, but I was too upset to get into it right now. “I’ll go into business for myself. I’m fully licensed.”
Thomas laughed. “I’d be surprised if you have enough savings to set up a business. You have expensive tastes.” He gestured to my clothes. “Office rent in the city costs a fortune. I’m sure you could only afford an office in the outer suburbs, and I know you’re a city girl. Look, you’ll love the Gold Coast, and you’ll be in charge of the whole office.”
Mrs Winters, the head secretary, poked her head around the door. “Sorry to interrupt, Ms Bloom, but there’s a lady here to see you.”
I looked up, surprised. “I don’t have any appointments this afternoon. Anyway, I’ve just quit!” I added dramatically.
Mrs Winters’ jaw dropped. “She’s a lawyer. She says it’s urgent, that you’re in danger of missing a deadline.”
“A deadline?” I echoed. I was entirely mystified. “Okay then, show her in.”
Thomas leant over and whispered in my ear, “Goldie, you know you don’t have a choice. I’m sending you to Queensland for your own good. It’s a great career move for you.” He winked at me before leaving the room.
Mrs Winters showed in a tall woman whose attitude was as tightly wound as her skirt. “I’m Ms Finch,” she said in a nasal tone, “from Fortescue and Fythe.”
I gestured to the chair in front of my desk. “Please have a seat.”
Before I could open my mouth, she continued. “I have sent several letters, but you have not responded.”
My eyes went straight to my overflowing Inbox tray. Right on cue, the top envelope fell to the ground. I retrieved it, and said, “Oh yes, I’m a little behind with snail mail. Who uses snail mail these days?”
“I do,” she snapped. “You have until five today to sign for your inheritance, otherwise it will pass to the next in line.”
My ears pricked up. “Inheritance, you say? I didn’t know I had an inheritance.”
Her lips pursed tightly. “That is because you did not read our correspondence,” she said slowly and carefully, as if speaking to a wilful child.
“I didn’t know there was anyone who would leave me money. Are you sure it’s for me?”
She looked down her nose at me by way of response. “Peter Proteus was your uncle.”
It was a statement, not a question, but I nodded. “After my parents passed away, I tried to find him. I do remember visiting him as a child. He was my mother’s uncle, but he’d spent the last few years in Europe, I believe.”
“He’s dead. He left you his entire estate.”
“That’s hardly a way to break the news to me gently,” I admonished her. “I’ve already had one shock today.”
Ms Finch appeared oblivious to my rebuke. She shoved some papers across my desk, dislodging some of the items from my drawer as she did so. “Sign here.”
I eagerly read the first page of the document. I sure hoped Uncle Peter had left me some hard cash. To my delight, he had, although not enough to start a new business, and he had left me a house as well. I looked up to see the lawyer impatiently drumming her fingers on the table. “East Bucklebury,” I said. “Where on earth is that?”
“Gold Coast,” she said. “North Gold Coast, to be precise. Small seaside town. Your uncle left you a house by the water.”
I slumped back in my seat, shocked. “Gold Coast?” Exactly where Thomas wanted to transfer me? And a seaside house? I had always wanted to live by the sea. Everything happens for a reason, right? Instead of trying to start my own business here in Melbourne, I could accept Thomas’s transfer.
“There’s only one catch,” she added.
I rubbed my forehead. “I knew it was too good to be true.” I flipped to the next page. “What’s the catch?”
She stubbed her finger on the document. “You have to live there for a year.”
I was at once relieved. “That’s fine.” I waved one hand at her.
She sighed. “If you had let me finish, I was going to say that you have to live there for one year with a room mate.”
“A room mate?” I said, horrified.

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