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Morgana Best

The Halloween Mystery Spell (EBOOK) PREORDER

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PREORDER - EBOOK Book 21 in the bestselling The Kitchen Witch series of fun paranormal cozy mysteries.

Preorder release Date October 29, 2024.

Every Halloween, Marina Mercer came to Bayberry Creek to demand her yearly Halloween spell from a reluctant Amelia.

But this time around, something felt off. As the hands on the antique
grandfather clock ticked away and Marina was nowhere to be seen, a sense of
unease settled over Amelia.

The Halloween Mystery Spell is Book 21 in The Kitchen Witch series of fun
paranormal cozy mysteries from USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best.

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Chapter 1
It wasn't like Marina to be late.
Just as I was about to dismiss my concerns as paranoia, a sudden gust of wind rattled the windows. A chill crawled down my spine. I instinctively reached for the amulet hanging around my neck. The protective talisman was warm against my skin, reassuring me with its familiar energy. But the unease lingered, like a shadow creeping across the room.
My intuition whispered to me that something was terribly wrong. I stepped outside into the crisp spring air, peering into the darkness of Bayberry Creek shrouded in mist.
Why was it suddenly dark? That wasn’t right. I was pondering this when I saw it - a flickering light bobbing in the distance, moving closer with each passing moment. The light grew brighter, illuminating Marina's figure as she stumbled towards me, her eyes wide with fear. "Amelia," she gasped, "I need your help."
The television sound suddenly blared, jolting me awake. I sat up and looked around. Afternoon light filtered through the windows. It had been a dream. I uttered a long sigh of relief, but then the grandfather clock chimed.
A heavily carved wooden piece, the grandfather clock was a gift from Baby. It wasn’t my taste, and the chiming was a constant source of annoyance. It always smelled musty and the cats, Willow and Hawthorn, seemed afraid of it. as did Kitty, the evil cat. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was possessed by some sort of rather unpleasant entity.
I stretched and then turned my attention to the time. Marina was awfully late.
Marina had never been late. She was always keen for me to do the spell.
My husband, Alder, of course, was furious that Marina demanded the spell every year. I didn’t want to do a spell for her, but I was bound to do so due to a contract between my grandmother and her grandmother.
I walked to the window. The house was watching Doctor Who. There was no sign of Marina walking down the path. I had arranged for Ruprecht to invite Alder and our daughter for high tea as I didn’t want Alder to tell Marina yet again she shouldn’t demand a spell. I called her phone, but it went straight to Voicemail.
A sudden gust of wind rattled the windows. A chill crawled down my spine. I instinctively reached for the amulet hanging around my neck. But wait! This was just like my dream. I hurried to the front door and flung it open.
To my relief, it was not dark outside. The spring air carried hints of cinnamon and apple cider, mixed with the scent of jasmine and roses. But there was also a faint smell of herbs and spices, a familiar aroma that always filled the air when Marina came looking for her Halloween spell.
My mouth tasted dry and metallic. My nerves were on edge. I knew something was wrong. I swallowed the lump in my throat and stepped onto the porch. I shivered, not just from the cold but from the realisation that the dream might have been a premonition.
My phone rang. I turned around and ran inside to answer it, narrowing avoiding Kitty who did her best to trip me up. The Caller ID was Marina.
Marina’s voice was barely above a whisper. "It found me, Amelia. I don't have much time. My wish is that you help me! Help!”
Her voice rose to a scream but a low howl rose, a sound both ancient and terrifying, and then the line went dead.

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