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  • witches secrets audiobook paranormal cozy mystery with vampires theme
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Morgana Best

Witches' Secrets (AUDIOBOOK)

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AUDIOBOOK. Book 2 of the Vampires and Wine paranormal cozy mystery series.

Narrated by celebrated Aussie narrator, Amy Soakes. 

Pepper Jasper had always thought she had experienced more shocks and surprises than anyone should have in one lifetime, but as she settles into life at Mugwort Manor, she soon realises that danger is never far away.

Just when Pepper thinks she has unearthed all the secrets, more come to light. From disgruntled guests with hidden motives to strange occurrences, something is always lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered.

But when one of her guests is found murdered, Pepper's world is turned upside down once more. As she delves deeper into the investigation, she realises that danger is even closer than she could have imagined. 

What's more, Lucas O’Callaghan is hiding something, and Pepper is determined to find out what it is.

As the tension rises and trouble brews, Pepper races against time to sift through the clues before it's too late. But with her own safety on the line, will she be able to solve the mystery and stay alive? Only time will tell as Pepper dives deeper into a web of lies and deceit in search of the answers.

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Series Order

1. Witches’ Brew
2. Witches’ Secrets
3. Witches’ Charms
4. Witches’ Magic
5. Witches’ Spells
6. Witches’ Craft
7. Witches’ Cat
8. Witches’ Diaries
9. Coming soon!