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  • cocoa narel chocolate shop mysteries cozy mysteries by morgana bes
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Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Box Set Books 1-3 (EBOOK)

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Are you looking for a pawsome box set of three funny cozy mysteries?

Book 1. Sweet Revenge
What would you do if you were medically unable to gain weight? Eat chocolate and solve murders, of course . . . 
When a car accident leads to extensive plastic surgery and an inability to gain weight, Cocoa Narel finds herself transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. 
No longer forced to temper her love for chocolate, Cocoa opens a candy store and begins to enjoy the sweet life along with her quirky rescue cat. But when her high school bullies start being murdered one by one, Cocoa becomes the prime suspect. 
Can she clear her name, or does the true culprit have a few Twix up their sleeve?

Book 2. The Sugar Hit
Bad news truffles fast in this cat-chy tail  . . . 
Narel is excited about the grand opening of her Cocoa Narel Designer Chocolate Shop, but her happiness turns sour when a police officer is murdered right in the middle of proceedings. 
The detectives suspect Narel because the victim had been investigating her. Narel asks them why, but they're not in a pawsition to comment.
How can Narel’s mean cat help this time?
Will Narel end up behind bars as purr the charges?
And who is the mysterious woman in Borage’s life?

Book 3. Murder Sweetly Served
The murderer used chocolate to kill. How dairy!
When an advertising executive dies after taking a bite of chocolate at his retirement party, chocolates caterer Narel is at once the detectives’ main suspect. Though Narel is known for her killer baking, it’s usually the chocolatey goodness that has her guests coming back for more.
Can Mongrel, Narel’s cranky and eccentric rescue cat, save Narel from the clutches of the police?
Or will she come to sticky end?

The first three books in this funny cozy mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best.