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  • the sugar hit audiobook cozy mystery by morgana best
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The Sugar Hit (AUDIOBOOK)

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AUDIOBOOK. Book 2 of the Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Cozy Mystery series.

This audiobook is auto-produced using digital technology.

Bad news truffles fast in this cat-chy tail.

Narel is excited about the grand opening of her Cocoa Narel Designer Chocolate Shop, but her happiness turns sour when a police officer is murdered right in the middle of proceedings. 
The detectives suspect Narel because the victim had been investigating her. Narel asks them why, but they're not in a pawsition to comment.
How can Narel’s mean cat help this time? 
Will Narel end up behind bars as purr the charges?
And who is the mysterious woman in Borage's life? 

This audiobook is auto-produced using digital technology.

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