Reading Order

The Kitchen Witch

1) Miss Spelled (Get it here in Audible.)

2) Dizzy Spells (Get it here in Audible.)

3) Sit for a Spell

4) Spelling Mistake

5) Ex-Spelled

6) The Halloween Spell


The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer

1) Christmas Spirit (Get it here in Audible.)

2) Ghost Hunter

3) There Must be a Happy Medium


Witch Woods Funeral Home

1) A Ghost of a Chance (Get it here in Audible.)

2) Nothing to Ghost About

3) Make the Ghost of It

4) Ghost Stories

5) Ghost Blusters


And Morgana’s non-Witch Cozy mysteries:

Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries

1) Sweet Revenge

2) The Sugar Hit

3) Murder Sweetly Served


The Australian Amateur Sleuth

1) Live and Let Diet

2) Natural-Born Grillers

3) Dye Hard

4) The Prawn Identity

5) Any Given Sundae



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