What is a Cozy Mystery?

Love them or hate them, the fact remains that cozy mysteries are a popular genre.
What defines a cozy mystery?
The protagonist is an Amateur Sleuth (cannot be a detective, private detective, police officer).
The protagonist’s motive for solving the crime is personal reasons.
No graphic violence. Murder happens off-camera.
No swearing.
No sex (unless implied and off-camera).
Cozies are set in a small town (or a small community in a bigger town/city, although this is the exception).
Character-driven, plot-driven.
The mystery is well-crafted.
Information should not be withheld from the reader.
The victim was not well-liked.
Supporting characters are quirky.
It is a feel good story.
Light in tone, humor to some degree.
The book has a happy ending.

The protagonist is intelligent and skilled.
The protagonist is a small business owner.
The protagonist is female.
(A police officer is a friend or relative of the protagonist.)

Categories of Cozies.
Crafts and Hobbies
Paranormal (such as witch cozies, ghost cozies).

Examples of Cozy Mysteries:
Murder, She Wrote (TV)
Rosemary and Thyme (TV)
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books.