Collection: Vampires and Wine Series EBOOKS

Sink your teeth into the ebooks in the Vampires and Wine paranormal cozy mystery series. 

From USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best.

A B&B that doesn’t serve breakfast, a dead body, and something strange in the room at the end of the corridor . . . Pepper knew moving back home wasn’t going to be easy.

Pepper Jasper moves from Sydney to the cozy town of Lighthouse Bay, answering a desperate plea from her aunts to help with their failing Bed and Breakfast business. 

Pepper discovers her aunts are more eccentric than she remembered, the Bed and Breakfast doesn't serve breakfast, and the cottages for lease have strange themes. And what’s more, within minutes of her arrival, she stumbles across a dead body.

Pepper soon has her hands full, contending with a murder mystery, irritating guests including the enigmatic Lucas O’Callaghan who is convinced every woman wants to fall into his arms, and her blood relatives, who are hiding more than one deep secret.

Who - or what! -  lurks in the forbidden room at the end of the dark corridor?

And why do the aunts insist she drink copious quantities of special label wine?

Can Pepper solve the mystery, or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Find out what awaits Pepper Jasper at Mugwort Manor. (Hint - it's vampires and wine!)

If you enjoy paranormal cozy mystery audiobooks filled humour, mystery, and of course, vampires, you're in the right place!