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USA Today bestselling author Morgana Best survived a childhood of deadly spiders and venomous snakes in the Australian outback. Morgana Best writes cozy mysteries and enjoys thinking of delightful new ways to murder her victims.

Paranormal Women’s Fiction Cozy Mystery

Live. Laugh. Lava.
Prudence Wallflower is a human volcano, and like Pompeii, she is about to blow.
But hot flashes are only one of Prudence’s problems. She is a clairvoyant … who has never seen a ghost. Despite Prudence connecting people with their deceased loved ones through the impressions she receives from the dead, her professional reputation is on the edge of eruption.
But when the ghost of a gorgeous detective appears and demands Prudence solve a murder, it’s her romantic life, not her reputation, which is about to explode.


About Miss Spelled

Amelia Spelled believes in baking it til you make it.

But when her boyfriend dumps her, her boss fires her, and she’s evicted from her rental thanks to a cooking mishap, Amelia finds herself all dressed up with nowhere to dough. Amelia is just about ready to pie for help when a mysterious letter is slipped under her door.
Now she is off to country Australia, where a mysterious house is not the only thing that awaits–there is also the revelation that she is a witch. But if Amelia thinks she’ll have time to process these new developments, she’s dead wrong. There is a murder, and she’s the number one suspect.
Will Amelia cook up a way to solve the crime, or are her spells as bad as her baking? And just what–or who–does the dashing man lurking in the shadows want?