Collection: His Ghoul Friday paranormal cozy mystery Paperbacks

Australian journalist Misty is sent by her mean boss to an island resort in the Great Barrier Reef to investigate a peculiar paranormal incident.

What should have been a straightforward assignment quickly spirals out of control as Misty encounters far more than she bargained for: mermaids and murder

The sudden and suspicious death of a resort guest sends shockwaves through the idyllic island, and Misty realizes that she’s not just there to report a story—she’s become a part of it.

Will Misty be able to navigate the treacherous waters of deception and intrigue to uncover the real story? Or will the numerous red herrings and dangerous distractions prove too much, sinking her chances of solving the mystery and possibly her career?

Join Misty Friday in this thrilling adventure as she braves the beautiful yet perilous Great Barrier Reef to unravel a tale of mermaids, murder, and mystery.


His Ghoul Friday paranormal cozy mystery Paperbacks