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Sweet Spell of Success LARGE PRINT (PAPERBACK)

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Paperback. Book 12 in The Kitchen Witch paranormal cozy mystery series.

The reading of a will in a secluded house...  How many will die?

Camino asks Amelia to accompany her to the reading of a will in a remote location in the Australian Snowy Mountains.
A snowstorm hits, and before long, the beneficiaries are trapped in a spooky manor house. The terms of the will spell out that the last person left alive will inherit everything.
Everyone seems nice enough, apart from the butler, and maybe the cook, so what could go wrong?  


LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK (paranormal cozy mystery)

 Paperback 382 pages
 Dimensions 6 x 0.785 x 9 inches (152 x 21.7 x 229 mm)
 ISBN 9781925674996
 Publication date July 21, 2019
 Publisher Best Cosy Books

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There was a raging fire on my front doorstep.
I stood there for a split second, transfixed by the flames, before I remembered the vase of roses on my dining room table. I ran in, fetched it, and threw it over the flames all the while wondering why there was a fire on my front doorstep. Was it some sort of cruel prank?
I was further confused when the now drenched object spoke. “Amelia! You put out my flames.”
I pinched myself. Was I dreaming? I peered closer at the shiny grey object. Then it dawned on me. “Camino?” I squeaked.
“I’m a candelabra,” she said, her tone indignant as she spat out a rose. “This is my latest invention, a candelabra onesie. You put out my flames!”
“But I thought you were on fire,” I protested.
“It’s appropriate for where we’re going.”
“Where we’re going?” I parroted. Camino was certainly throwing no light on the situation. “Come inside,” I said.
Camino shook herself and walked inside, leaving a trail of droplets of water in her wake. “I’ll fetch some towels so you can sit down,” I told her. I hurried to the laundry room, grabbed a bunch of towels, and spread them over the sofa.
Willow and Hawthorn glared at me. Cats have the uncanny ability to know where a human will want to sit in the near future, and they make sure they sit in that very place.
“Did you think I was on fire?” Camino asked me.
I shot her a penetrating look. Was she for real? “Well, there were flames coming from you. I’m a bit wary of flames at the moment given that the house has been watching the final few episodes of Game of Thrones again and again.”
She nodded slowly. “That makes sense. You confused me with Daenerys.”
I made to protest but figured there was no point commenting. “So this is a candelabra onesie? Aren’t you scared it will catch on fire?”
“No, because it’s foil, so I’m fireproof,” she announced proudly.
“And you think the commercial application of this is…” My voice trailed away.
Camino laughed. “There is no commercial application for this onesie, Amelia. Have you lost your mind? No, this is a one-off candelabra onesie, although I’ll make you one if you like.”
“Oh, no, no, no,” I hurried to say. “I wouldn’t want to put you to all that trouble. Now, what did you say about us going somewhere? Did I hear you right?”
Camino took the big silver mask off her head. “I have the most exciting news. My uncle died.”
“And you didn’t like him much?” I guessed.
Camino’s face fell. “I didn’t mean it that way. Of course, I’m sorry he’s dead, but I didn’t really know him. Anyway, I’m in his will! And he was very wealthy, so I’m sure he left me some money. Why, it might be enough to start my onesie shop and I’d like to donate some to worthy charities such as the Rescue Shelter for Unwanted Bicolour Persian Cats or the Good Rehoming of Staffordshire Bull Terriers Born the Wrong Colours To be Shown.”
I scratched my head. “Those are actually charities?”
Camino beamed. “Yes, worthy charities.”
“That’s very kind of you,” I said, “but do you want me to go somewhere with you?”
She nodded happily. “I’ve already asked Ruprecht, and he said that he and Mint will help Thyme run the shop while you’re away. And I’m sure Alder won’t mind you going away for a week.”
The thought of leaving Alder for a week made my stomach sink. “But I’d miss him,” I protested.
She waved one hand at me in dismissal. “You’ll get over it. I know you’re newly married, but surely you can spare a week away! It would mean so much to me, Amelia. Please, please say you’ll come with me. I simply can’t go there all alone. The terms of the will say I have to stay there for several days.”
“So you have to go to the reading of the will somewhere? Is that right?”
She nodded again. “My uncle, Sir Algernon Forsythe-Montgomery—he married my Aunt Sally, so he’s not a blood relative. Well, he isn’t a relative now because he’s dead. But he wasn’t one, not a blood relative anyway, if you get my drift. He was from Scotland, but in his later years he lived near Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains. He had a big house there, a mansion, and the reading of the will is in his mansion down in the snow. I haven’t seen the snow for years, Amelia! It would be so exciting and it’s the middle of winter. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the candelabra, it’s a grand old house just like you see in horror movies.”
“Err, yes,” I said. This was sounding less attractive by the minute.
“It will be so much fun. Please say you’ll come with me.”
Just then, Alder burst through the door. “Amelia, I’ve been called away on a case, but I don’t want to leave,” he said. He did a double take when he saw Camino.
“She’s a candelabra,” I said. “You’ve been called away on a case?”
Alder nodded. “It could take me away for a while. I’d like you to come with me only it might be dangerous. I really don’t want to leave. I’m thinking of turning it down because I don’t want to leave you alone for a week.”
Camino stood up and clapped her wax pans together. “It’s perfect timing! Alder, I’ve just asked Amelia to come away with me for a few days to the Snowy Mountains. My uncle passed away and I’m a beneficiary of the will. However, one of the conditions of the will is that I have to be present, in person that is, for the reading of the will.”
Alder looked doubtful. “Did you want to go?” he asked me.
I pulled a face.
“Please come with me, please,” Camino pleaded.
I finally relented. “Okay, I’ll come with you, Camino. After all, you’ve done enough favours for me. Alder has to go away for the week anyway, and I suppose Ruprecht, Mint, or Thyme wouldn’t mind stopping by and feeding the cats?”
Hawthorn and Willow both looked up at me.
“Of course they won’t mind,” Camino said.
“Then it’s settled. I’ll go with you to the creepy mansion for the reading of the will. What could go wrong?”

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