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The Kitchen Witch Box Set Books 13-15 (EBOOK)

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Books 13, 14, and 15 in this funny paranormal cozy mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best.

13. The Halloween Onesie Spell
Marina is back in town to demand the yearly Halloween spell from Amelia.
After Alder brews up a deal, Marina changes the spell request. Amelia soon finds it wise to be careful what you witch for. Camino’s onesies are up to new tricks, and that spells trouble.
Of corpse, it goes without saying there’s the usual Halloween murder, and this one is shrouded in mystery. These are grave times. Will Amelia knock ’em dead, or will the murderer have their pound of flesh?

14. Christmas Spells
Amelia is feeling extra Santa-mental and wants the Christmas spirit, just not the Christmas spirit who arrives to demand her help.
The Ghost of Christmas Past was an elf-made man who was murdered the previous Christmas while in a Santa suit.
Can Amelia solve the murder, or is it a lost Claus?
Yule never guess who the murderer is!

15. The Halloween Truth Spell
A truth spell is an honest mistake . . .
When the demanding Marina Mercer forces Amelia to do a truth spell over shares in a goldmine, Amelia expects nothing will go wrong. But when Marina's tenant is murdered in gold blood, Marina's boyfriend becomes the prime suspect.
Now Alder is furious at Amelia for once again finding herself an Australian Sherlock Holmes searching for nuggets of information—but she can’t worry about that now. The real murderer is difficult to dig up, and with half the townspeople  telling the truth, Amelia is starting to suspect that the truth won’t set you free, but plunge you into trouble.

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