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The Kitchen Witch Box Set Books 16-18 (EBOOK)

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EBOOK. Box Set of Books 16-18 in the Kitchen Witch series. 

The Halloween Time Spell. Book 16.

Yes, it's Halloween again, and Marina Mercer is back. It's never the right time for her spell requests, but this year is worse than most. Amelia is all wound up and needs a hand to solve a murder - but has it happened yet?
Only time will tell.

Baby Spells Trouble. Book 17.

Amelia and Alder's baby has finally arrived. Alder's former family friends come to town to see the baby at the same time Camino releases a set of dinosaur onesies.
Sure enough, somebody is murdered. The culprit does not stick out like a saur thumb. Add that to sleeplessness, and Amelia is soon a nervous rex.
Can Amelia and friends solve the murder? You can bet Jurassican!

The Halloween Camping Spell. Book 18.

It's that time of the year again! Marina is back in town to demand her annual Halloween spell.
This Halloween the dashing Alder has developed a cunning plan to avoid her. But when he whisks Amelia and the baby away on a camping trip, they stumble upon another mystery. It all becomes too in-tents, and their plans go up in smoke.
Amelia might be trying to laugh s'more, worry less, but it's hard to be a happy camper with a killer on the loose.
All's fire in love and camping, but this isn't love. It's murder.

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