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The Kitchen Witch Box Set Books 7-9 (EBOOK)

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Books Seven, Eight, and Nine in The Kitchen Witch paranormal cozy mystery series.

Book 7. Spellcheck

Amelia Spelled, has had her fill of murders, but this one takes the cake. Her boyfriend, Alder, has been battered in the line of duty, so his attempts to help are half-baked.
When she takes cupcakes to the local nursing home, she is met with a frosted reception by the subsequent murder victim.

Book 8. The Halloween Love Spell

When Marina Mercer comes to claim her yearly spell, Amelia’s protests fall on deaf years. The last Halloween love spell nearly got Amelia killed; the house is distracted, and Amelia accidentally cooks up something she shouldn't.
Who is responsible for the murder of Amelia's obnoxious bank loan manager?
One thing is for certain: mayhem and burned cupcakes will ensue, as Amelia and foxy Private Detective Alder Vervain try to solve the murder while finding time for romance.
You can bank on that!

Book 9. Spell It Out

For Amelia Spelled, it's another case of déjà brew when a man dies at a Tea Leaf Reading. When the murderer draws a little too close for comfort, will the house come to the rescue, or is Amelia in for a steep shock? One thing's for sure, it's best to not chai this at home.

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