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The Kitchen Witch Giant Box Set Books 1-16 (EBOOK)

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A crazy ebook GIANT box set of SIXTEEN books - that's right, 16, not a typo!

The first 16 books in this fun cozy mystery series. A great way to grab them all and not buy them individually.

Amelia Spelled believes in baking it til you make it . . .
But when her boyfriend dumps her, her boss fires her, and she's evicted from her rental thanks to one too many cooking mishaps, Amelia is ready to pie for help when a letter is slipped under her door.
Now she is off to country Australia, where a mysterious house and the revelation that her ancestors were witches, await. But if Amelia thinks she'll have time to process these developments, she's dead wrong. There is a murder, and she's the main suspect. Will Amelia cook up a way to solve the crime? And just what -- or who -- does the dashing man lurking in the shadows want?

You get all 16 books:
1) Miss Spelled  
2) Dizzy Spells  
3) Sit for a Spell  
4) Spelling Mistake  
5) ExSpelled  
6) The Halloween Spell 
6) The Halloween Spell 
7) Spellcheck  
8) The Halloween Love Spell 
9) Spell It Out 
10) Wedding Spells 
11) The Halloween Pumpkin Spell 
12) Sweet Spell of Success 
13) The Halloween Onesie Spell 
14) Christmas Spells 
15) The Halloween Truth Spell 
16) The Halloween Time Spell 

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