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Vampires and Wine Box Set Books 4-6 (EBOOK)

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Are you ready for what happens next at Mugwort Manor?

Here are the next three books in the series.
Book 4 Witches' Magic
Since her arrival in Lighthouse Bay, Pepper has faced one adversary after another and come out winning. Yet what happens now will test her faith in everything and everyone she thought she knew. 
A poisoner is afoot, and Lucas is acting strangely.
A relative is not to be trusted.
Lighthouse Bay is about to give up some secrets . . .  but is trouble all that Pepper will discover?

Book 5 Witches' Spells

Pepper discovers a discarded and unopened letter addressed to the aunts in the attic. To her shock, the letter holds the secret to her parents’ disappearance. Pepper can scarcely believe her luck, but the trail soon leads to murder.

To make matters worse, Lucas is called away on mysterious business.

But it is Pepper's cat that is the biggest surprise of all . . . 

Book 6 Witches' Craft
Welcome home to Mugwort Manor, where things aren't always as they seem . . . 
Pepper Jasper finally discovers what happened with her parents. But with another murder at the Manor, and someone close to home spying on the Jaspers, danger lurks around every corner.
Can Pepper solve the murder and thwart a near-death experience?
Or has her luck run out?

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